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Rebecca Scott, CEO Write Leadership
Rebecca Scott
CEO Write Leadership, LLC

Rebecca Scott serves as a supportive administrative arm for her clients, absorbing grant writing duties so CEOs can spend time on clinic operations and build community collaborations. Rebecca has extensive experience with Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) grants and has helped communities strategically plan and implement health care services for vulnerable populations. 

Rebecca’s grant experience began when she worked with grants at Iowa Valley Community College District in Marshalltown, Iowa. There she was the Assistant Dean of Training Grant Programs and oversaw a multimillion-dollar budget and grant program. After moving back to her home state of Kansas, Rebecca became involved in numerous grant writing projects, establishing her own business, Write Leadership, LLC. She has worked with grant programs that emphasize health/healthcare for over fifteen years, as her passion includes healthier communities and health care access for the underserved.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University and has over three years of industrial supervision experience with General Mills, Inc. She also holds a Master of Arts in Business Leadership from Upper Iowa University, Des Moines. She has completed the Grantsmanship Center Training and the Kansas Health Foundation Master Facilitator Program.

Lisa Goering of Brand Media Solutions is a contributing member of the Write Leadership team, proofreading narratives, crafting templates for letters of support, conducting stakeholder interviews, and even completing strategic planning projects. 

In October 2020, Lisa and her husband, Chris, established Brand Media Solutions, a website development and digital marketing agency specializing in supporting startups, small businesses, and nonprofits. Lisa utilizes her experience in copywriting, marketing, and education to craft custom campaigns, create marketing and support materials, and design learning management systems for both internal corporate and external public-facing use. 

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from McPherson College and has completed multiple continuing education opportunities to build upon her skills, including the University of Kansas’ Digital Marketing intensive program.

Lisa Goering
Partner, Brand Media Solutions